We are committed to providing our expert knowledge to our customers to help  keep you safe, help you make the right choice when it comes to your energy supply as well as understand how LPG is shaping the future.

Emergency Gas Leak or Fire

In an emergency - for any outdoor gas leak or major fire please contact AvantiGas on 0870 753 9999 and in the case of a fire call 999 notifying them that the fire involves LPG. Please note a gas order is NOT an emergency. Should you be able to, turn off the gas at the main shut off valve under the tank hood. For any indoor gas leak switch off the emergency valve, open doors and windows to ventilate the building and contact your installer or the engineer who maintains your appliances 

Pipework Safety Check

Customer safety is paramount at AvantiGas and it’s important to make sure that any underground metallic pipework connecting your LPG tank to your home or property is safe. To find out what you need to do to make sure your underground pipework is safe, please click here to take the test.

Energy saving tips for your business

For more information and advice on how to save on your business energy, please visit here to get your free copy of our catering and hospitality hotel guide.

Fork-lift Truck Training

We provide accredited Continuous Professional Development Training on the safe re-fuelling practices of LPG fork-lift trucks. Click here to learn more.


Want to know more about what LPG is, the industry codes of practice or the environmental role of LPG? Visit our trade body UKLPG here.

AvantiGas Partnerships

We work with a range of partners for off-grid LPG and on-grid mains gas partnerships from the best plubming and heating installers to brokers and landlords, we can help you to boost your income. Click here to find out more.

Gas Safe Register

Looking for a trusted Gas Safe Registered engineer in your area? Click here to find and check engineers at the official Gas Safe Register website.