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AvantiGas offer a wide range of gas bottles to businesses across the UK. We’re the new, competitive choice in the gas bottle and cylinder LPG market, and everything we do is designed around you.

AvantiGas LPG Gas Bottle Cylinder Range


Why AvantiGas?

  • Trusted LPG supplier.
  • Highly competitive prices.
  • Local knowledge – we’re investing in your area.
  • Direct approach, no middleman.
  • Fully managed, hassle-free supplies, tailored to suit your budget.
  • Convenient delivery service.

LPG by Sector

Learn more about the benefits of LPG gas bottles cylinders for your business sector and how LPG compares to other fuels.

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“We opted for a 2,250L LPG tank on a skid unit...we also have the option to take it with us if the company
ever moves premises."
Laser International Logistics, FLT, Kent