Business and Commercial Energy Solutions

Bulk LPG is ideal If your business is off-grid and needs fuel for heating, cooking or process applications. Located on-site in bulk storage tanks, LPG is piped directly to your building. We'll keep your supply topped up and your tanks fully serviced so you can concentrate on running your business. Find out more about LPG here.

See how LPG compares to other fuels such as oil, electric and solid fuel.

LPG vs Oil

LPG vs Electricity LPG vs Soild Fuel
Lower appliance cost No energy waste Lower maintenance costs
Burns cleaner with less soot and ash build-up Heat is instantly available Heat is instantly available
Appliances require less maintenance Heat is instantly controlled Heat is instantly controlled
Flame temperature easily controlled More responsive for direct heating systems More reliable in continuous use
Combustion is virtually odourless Energy at a constant price all day Burns more cleanly with less soot and ash build-up
It's cleaner burning More choice for domestic and commercial heating solutions No day to day maintenance or manual labour
Appliances operate quietly Ideally suited for cooking, heating and flame effect fires More choice for domestic heating solutions
Convenient to deliver, store and use   More convenient to deliver, store and use
No need for pump or liquid head   Ideally suited for cooking, heating and flame effect fires
No containment area generally required around the tank    
Produces very low sulphur emissions    
Ideally suited for cooking, heating and flame effect fires    

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Switching LPG Supplier

Switching is simple; just get in touch to arrange your free site survey. Then sit back, relax and let us take care of everything. 


LPG Tank Installation Options

From underground, aboveground and semi-mound tanks, we will ensure a smooth installation with minimal disruption to your business.


Converting Fuel

If you’re considering converting to a new fuel system, we’ll work with you to specify the best solution for your site – whether that’s LPG, LNG or Biomass.


LPG by Sector

Find out how LPG could reduce energy spend and reduce emissions in your sector.

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