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Using LPG

The ideal fuel for your home

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Using LPG

Using LPG in your home

LPG is very versatile and can be used both inside and outside your home, for heating, hot water, cooking and swimming pools.


LPG is the ideal fuel for cooking because it provides instant heat and you can control the temperature easily. It burns completely, without soot build-up, so your pans won’t need as much cleaning.

Heating and Hot Water

LPG can be used throughout your home for your central heating system, flame effect fire and hot water. With this versatility you’ll be able to relax in warmth and comfort even in the colder winter months.

Outdoor Applications

In addition to hot water, gas fires, central heating and cooking, LPG from AvantiGas can even be used outdoors for patio heaters, BBQ’s and to heat swimming pools.

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