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Switching to AvantiGas

It's as easy as LPG

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Switching to AvantiGas

Switching to AvantiGas

Becoming a customer of AvantiGas is easy. We provide a hassle free and straightforward service whether you need a brand new LPG installation or you already use LPG.

Switching from a current LPG supplier

Switch to AvantiGas LPG and we take care of everything for you

Once you contact AvantiGas LPG either via telephone or by using our online form, you will be appointed an account manager who will discuss your LPG requirements with you. Be sure to have the details of your property, the appliances you use and where your current LPG tank is situated.  With this information they will work with you to establish the most appropriate solution and provide you with a written quotation for a competitive LPG supply from AvantiGas.

The account manager will give you full details on our LPG supply, storage choices, delivery and payment options available to you. If you have any special requirements please ask your account manager at this time and they will be happy to advise the best course of action to what you require. You can contact your account manager by phone on 0808 208 0000 choosing option 2, Emailing enquiries@avantigas.com or by using our online form.

Arrange a site survey

Once you are happy with the quotation we have provided we will arrange for one of our technical representatives to visit your property, at which time a health and safety audit will be conducted to ensure the site complies with the LPGA (Liquefied Petroleum Gas Association) codes of practice. Please note you are not required to be at the property at this time, so long as the representative can gain access to the external site.

Then all you need to do is inform your current supplier you wish to switch and we'll take it all from there. 

Switching from another fuel type and new properties

If you are having a new LPG installation we will advise on possible positions for your LPG vessel and once agreed, we'll send you drawings detailing the proposed position of the vessel and outlining the work that needs to be done prior to our installation.

Please note that industry standards require customers to prepare their property before receiving an above or underground LPG tank. Underground tanks will require a fraction more preparation than aboveground tanks, largely in the form of the excavation to accommodate the tank, but once the tank is installed, there is no need for the site to be dug up again.

After receiving all the necessary paperwork, we'll schedule your installation for you, keeping you informed of progress along the way.

Our team of engineers will then visit your property and carry out the installation - we'll also arrange for your first delivery to be made shortly afterwards.

Keeping you satisfied

Carrying out the installation is just the start - AvantiGas LPG provide a reliable service ensuring that your home is always warm and comfortable, even during the coldest months. We even have an automatic top up service whereby all you need to do is keep an eye on the tank gauge to ensure it doesn’t drop below 25% - and if it does simply pick up the phone, let us know and we’ll schedule your next delivery.

From your first contact with us you will have access to your own account manager who will liaise with you to arrange your installation. A dedicated customer service team is also on hand to look after your account and answer your queries. With AvantiGas you'll be in safe hands.

You can start feeling the benefits of LPG from AvantiGas today. To find out more please call us on 0808 208 0000 or complete our online form.